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Global leading company Namgwang Construction, 76 years of construction history

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The footsteps of Namgwang Construction that put human and nature first

Feel the history and footsteps of Namgwang Construction's 70 years through photos

From 1986
To       2000

After overcoming its structural crisis, Namkwang Engineering began gaining unrivaled fame in civil engineering based on the accumulated know-how, technology, and construction experience; with the “Ssangyong Sweet Dot Home” apartment brand, Namkwang Engineering received love from the customers. Through its continuous rising trend in Korea and overseas, Namkwang Engineering joined the Ssangyong Group family and established a foundation for yet another leap forward. Afterwards, Namkwang Engineering completed various constructions such as Shincheon Sewage Treatment Plant, ADB loan road, Far East District US Army Corps of Engineers (FED) construction, and the Second City Highway in Busan, through painstaking effort of the executive and the staff members.
Namkwang Engineering also expanded its business area and expanded into the housing business on 1995, providing and being loved by the customers for the “Ssangyong Sweet Dot Home” apartments for 50,000 households.

From 1971
To       1985

Namkwang Engineering successfully expanded overseas to the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, etc. and won contracts for foreign construction worth 1.5 billion USD total, gaining fame overseas. After the first expansion overseas to the Philippines on May 1974, Namkwang Engineering set its construction stage overseas, expanding on to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, and other Middle Eastern countries, propelling its full-scale overseas expansion.
Afterwards, Namkwang Engineering performed foreign constructions worth 1.5 billion USD total over 38 constructions and contributed to the development of Korean economy with its overseas expansion; on 1982, Namkwang Engineer received the 「Foreign Construction 1 Billion USD Tower」. The technology of Namkwang was recognized both in Korea and overseas and set a new milestone for the history of Korean construction, growing into a construction company ranked 7th in its ability for subcontract construction in Korea (1977).

Growing season
From 1961
To       1970

On 1964, the headquarters moved to Seoul, and the business area expanded to construction, civil engineering, plants, etc. to raise its status as a blue chip construction company both in letter and in spirit. The major business stage of Namkwang Engineering was in Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do; in 1964, it moved its headquarters to Seoul (Supyo-dong, Jung-gu) and expanded its business areas to every area of construction, including construction, civil engineering, and plants.
With a pioneer’s spirit which actively seeks and performs difficult constructions avoided by other companies, Namkwang Engineering has raised its status as a large construction company.

Early start-up
From 1947
To       1960

Founded in July 7, 1947 in Busan under the name Namkwang Engineering Company, Namkwang Engineering Co., Ltd. began its swift growth as it took charge of city reconstruction of national infrastructure, including railways, harbors, roads, and bridges. Namkwang Engineering, which was founded as ‘Namkwang Engineering Company’ in Busan immediately after the Korean Independence on July 7, 1947, opened the first page of its history with the joy of independence. Namkwang Engineering took part in wide areas of city reconstruction for the devastated national infrastructure such as railways, harbors, roads, and bridges; Through postwar restoration project immediately after the end of the Korean War, it showed swift growth majorly in civil engineering, based on credibility that were built over the years and steady company management.

  • 1990

  • 1999.9.16

    Iron Tower Industrial Medal and Prime Minister Prize for Construction of Andong-Yeongju Zone 6 of Jung Ang Expressway

  • 1999.6.2

    Industry Award and Presidential Award for Woongpo Bridge Construction

  • 1998.9.11

    ISO 9001/14001/(Quality/Environmental) Integrated Certification for All Construction Doors and Steel Structures

  • 1997.11.4

    Presidential Award at 23rd National Quality Circle Contest Circle Improvement Case Category

  • 1997.6.20

    The 50th Anniversary of its Foundation

  • 1996.2.15

    Completed the Construction of Korea’s First Tunnel Under Han River

  • 1995.11.7

    Obtain ISO 9001 Certification

  • 1995.5.9

    Established Pusan Branch

  • 1992.12.9

    CEO Lee Yeong Seon Received Presidential Award for Pusan City Expressway Construction

  • 1980

  • 1988.12.29

    Register 1st Grade of Wired Communication Line Construction Project (NO.11-1-121)

  • 1988.11.3

    Design of Waste Disposal Facilities, Registration of Start-up Industry (NO.66)

  • 1987.6.13

    Design of Sewage Treatment Facilities and Registration of Start-up Industries

  • 1986.9.11

    Ssangyong Group Join

  • 1980

  • 1985.7.24

    Prime Minister Prize for Honam Expressway Construction

  • 1985.2.3

    Presidential Award (Industry award) for Dongho Bridge Construction

  • 1985.2.3

    CEO Jin Seong Sup Received Presidential Award for Subway Construction

  • 1983.4.28

    Registration of Environmental Pollution Prevention Facilities (No. 63)

  • 1982.7.26

    Entered the Iraq Market (commenced construction of Kirkook – Haditha Railway)

  • 1982.7.20

    Registration of Gas Facility Start-up Industry

  • 1982.6.18

    Received Overseas Construction $1 Billion Tower

  • 1980.10.13

    Acquire a License for the Electric Construction Business (Class1)

  • 1980.6.11

    License Acquisition of Overseas Comprehensive Construction (No.4)

  • 1980.3.29

    License Acquisition of Type 1, 2 (Mechanical and Electrical) Fire Fighting Facilities (No.85-23)

  • 1970

  • 1978.9.26

    License Acquisition for Obtaining a Military Supply (Construction) (No.49)

  • 1978.7.20

    License Acquisition for Special Construction (Steel Installation) (No.22)

  • 1978.5.13

    Housing Construction Designation Business (No.7)

  • 1978.4.22

    Housing Construction Business Registration (No.78-24)

  • 1978.4.15

    Designation of Cultural Heritage Repair Business (No.102)

  • 1976.12.28

    Listed Stocks on Korea Stock Exchange

  • 1976.7.3

    Entered the Saudi Arabia (Commenced Construction of Kaiba Road)

  • 1975.3.1

    Entered the Jordan Market (Commenced Construction of Amman Water Supply Facility)

  • 1974.8.15

    CEO Bae Jeong Il Received Bronze Tower Industrial Medal

  • 1974.5.16

    Entered the Philippines Market (Commenced Construction of Manilla Northern Road)

  • 1960

  • 1968.5.17

    Acquired general construction work (road paving) business license (No. 37)

  • 1966.12.15

    Acquired electric work business license (No. 536)

  • 1964.1.6

    Transferred headquarter to 56-1 Soopyo dong, Joong gu, Seoul

  • 1954.8.5

    Registered headquarter in 28 Jungang dong 4 ga, Pusan

  • 1947.7.7

    Established / Business name: Namkwang Engineering

  • 1940

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