For a foundation of life where humans and nature are in harmony

Through establishment of Environment System ISO 14001, we are trying our best to create a pleasant foundation of life where humans and nature exist in harmony and fulfill an environment-friendly company management.

Environmental Management System

Environmental policy

Namkwang Engineering Co., Ltd. sets and practices the following environment policies in order to practice open management, knowledge management, and harmony and unity for the creation of new construction culture; to create Namkwang as a company leaping towards the world and future; to continuously improve environmental outcomes and practice environmental preservation in every process of company management; and to fulfill an environment-friendly company management that leave a pleasant foundation of life where humanity and nature exist in harmony to future generations.

  • 1. Continuous improvement of Environmental Management System
  • 2. Promotion of activities to prevent environmental pollution in all process including business contract, design, construction, and service
  • 3. Compliance to environmental laws and regulations
  • 4. Minimization of environmental complaint made
  • 5. Fulfillment of credible management for the satisfaction of all parties concerned

Every executives and staff members of the company must establish and perform environmental goals in every organization and survey for the fulfillment of environmental policies; furthermore, they must promote the competitiveness of the company and the image as a leader in environment-friendly company through continuous improvements.