The first step to client satisfaction, the Safety Management System of Namkwang

Namkwang Engineering’s foremost priority in all stages of management activities is safety; we are putting our best effort to fulfill client satisfaction and zero hazard workplace.

Safety Management System

Safety policy

Namkwang Engineering Co., Ltd. declares the following intention for action to fulfill open management, knowledge management, and harmony and unity for “New Construction Culture Creation of 21st century”; and to create “Namkwang that leaps into the world and future” by establishment of self-safety and sanitation management system, accomplishing zero-hazard workplace.

  • 1. Safety and sanitation activities take the foremost priority among all management decisions and actions.
  • 2. Every executive and staff members have the responsibility to safely participate in construction management for oneself, one’s family, and the company by complying to laws and every regulations regarding safety and sanitation.
  • 3. Prevention of industrial hazard is a responsibility for all of us; through the establishment and implementation of self-safety and sanitation management system, we voluntarily prevent occupational disease and loss of lives and property.
  • 4. Construction site must minimize or eliminate potential and actual threats in real time; it must also communicate with every personnel under the management of the company for the activities to continuously remain zero hazard.
  • 5. For effective implementation of safety and sanitation policy, the related content is documented; the safety and sanitation policy will be made public for the inside and outside the company.

In order to realize the policy above, every executive, staff members, and laborers must perform every process following the safety and sanitation management system, and carry out their social role and responsibility as a “company that respects human life” through continuous improvement.