Namkwang’s quality management system for maximum client satisfaction

Through establishment of Quality Management System ISO 9001, we are trying our best to satisfy our client’s various requests regarding change or quality of new construction environment.

Quality management system

Management System Operation Model


Quality policy

Namkwang Engineering Co., Ltd. sets and practices the following environment policies in order to practice open management, knowledge management, and harmony and unity for the creation of new construction culture; to create Namkwang as a company leaping towards the world and future; to continuously improve environmental outcomes and practice environmental preservation in every process of company management; and to fulfill an environment-friendly company management that leave a pleasant foundation of life where humanity and nature exist in harmony to future generations.

  • 1. Continuous improvement of Quality Management System
  • 2. Establishment and operation of company-wide performance management system
  • 3. Enhance corporate competitiveness by strengthening order capacity
  • 4. Realize trust management by improving management transparency
  • 5. Optimal quality oriented to meet customer needs

All employees of the company are required to establish and manage implementation items linked to the company's vision and strategy in each organization and measurement in order to implement the quality policy. Also, in order to settle this policy as a corporate culture, we are not satisfied with the current performance, and must fulfill our social roles and responsibilities through continuous improvement..